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Database System Concepts
Seventh Edition
Avi Silberschatz
Henry F. Korth
S. Sudarshan

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The XData system, developed supports automated grading of student SQL queries, which can greatly reduce the load on database course instructors and TAs, and help students learn SQL coding better.

The XData system automatically generates datasets from a given instructor (correct) query and then uses the datasets to test student queries. It also supports partial marking of incorrect student SQL queries based on how close the student query is to a correct query. The system supports LTI, which basically means you can easily link it to your course management system (Canvas/Blackboard/Moodle/...) and don't need to worry about administering student accounts.

The system is available free of charge for download and a demo is available online; visit:
to learn more about the system, try the demo, and to download the system which you can run on your servers.

We provide a docker image with everything already setup, as well as an installer with a war file for deployment on your web server. Currently, the system supports PostgreSQL as the backend database.