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Database System Concepts
Seventh Edition
Avi Silberschatz
Henry F. Korth
S. Sudarshan

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Database Metadata Access From a Programming Language

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This lab introduces you to using metadata when writing programs. A sample set of exercises can be found here; although phrased using Java/JDBC, the exercise can be done using other languages, OBDC or ADO.NET APIs.

In this assignment you should use JDBC metadata features to implement keyword search on relational data, as follows.

  1. Your program takes a single keyword as argument, and finds all tuples in any relation that contain that word as a substring in any column of the tuple. The output is the entire tuple. You search should not be case sensitive and can match part of a word, so a keyword Avi matches a string avi, as also Ravi. Create SQL queries dynamically, using the like clause to implement this feature.

    You will find it useful to implement a separate method that can output all tuples from a ResultSet.

  2. For extra credit: As above, but now you should accept more than one keyword as argument, and ensure that a tuple contains all the keywords; the keywords can each be in a different attribute, as long as the tuple contains all the keywords.

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