book cover Database System Concepts
Seventh Edition
Avi Silberschatz
Henry F. Korth
S. Sudarshan

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Downloading and Installing MySQL

The free version of MySQL (MySQL Community Server) can be downloaded from the MySQL Community Downloads page. Note that MySQL comes preinstalled on most linux distributions, although the version may not be the latest MySQL version; to get permissions to that installation you may need to use the mysql user login. If you download your own copy, you do not need to worry about the mysql user login, but you will have to carry out several setup operations, detailed below. We also recommend you install phpMyAdmin a widely used browser-based graphical interface to MySQL.

Setting up Using MySQL

The MySQL reference manual may be found here: MySQL Reference Manual. The manual provides detailed instructions on setting up MySQL, including creation of databases.

SQL Tips on MySQL

MySQL provides reasonably good support for basic SQL syntax, but it does not support some standard features, which you need to watch out for. Here is a partial list
  1. MySQL does not support the except clause (unlike Oracle, which uses the minus keywor in place of except, MySQL does not support except at all). You can use the not in clause instead.
MySQL supports some non-standard syntax such as these:
  1. The limit and offset clauses to fetch a specified number of rows from a specified starting point.